Tasmanian Oak Timber

Tasmanian Oak_200X150Tasmanian oak is a light-coloured hardwood timber from Tasmania and the timber colour is ranging from straw to light reddish brown.




Jarrah Timber

Jarrah_200X150Jarrah is a dark, thick timber mainly from the southwest of Western Australia. It is a heavy wood with long, straight trunks of richly coloured and beautifully grained. Jarrah is a termite-resistant timber which is ideal for flooring.



Australian Chestnut Timber

Chestnut_200X150Australian Chestnut timber has a coloured variations from mellow straw brown to light chocolates.




Kauri Timber

Kauri_200X150KauriĀ timber mainly from New Zealand and it is a light honey coloured timber with a distinctive silvery speckled lustre.